About the Artist





As an internationally known artist, Anne FitzGerald travels quite extensively.  When at home she resides in Limerick, Ireland and works from her Studio/Gallery in Mungret College.  


Anne has two distinct identities in the field of Art.  


As Anne FitzGerald, she is known for her Fine Art paintings. These are exhibited at World Fairs in Frankfurt, Birmingham, Bologna and London as well as in New York in the U.S.A.  She uses mixed mediums in her paintings and is widely versatile in her Fine Art subject matter.


As “Annie” she is known around the world as the creator of the Dear God Kids.  She has written and illustrated over a hundred books, of which many have been translated into 30 languages.  She has also designed over a thousand Dear God products that are sold worldwide.  


Anne serves on the Board of Directors at Limerick Christian Centre in Mungret College.  She also conducts monthly painting workshops in her Studio/Gallery located there.


Anne’s Philosophy is that Art is the gift of continuously creating from what you never stop seeing and learning.  Everyday is an adventure with a piece of art waiting to be discovered.